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here. >> that's it for us on "the five." thanks for watching. see you tomorrow. "special report" is up next. it is great. welcome to "red eye." it is like dude where's my car if by car you mean my photo album with lo u-dabbs. i cried h nighs arms, don't you know. now to andy levy for a pre game report. andy, what is coming up on tonight's show? >> thanks, greg. our top story, anthony weaner and bob filner. we will check in on these two important members of president obama's party. and the suspension for alex rodriguez and 12 other players for using performance-enhancing drugs. we will update you on new developments and a sad situation unfolding on president obama's watch. and finally could the running of the bulls be coming to the
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united states? you wouldn't think so, but i guess anything is possible in obama's america. greg? >> andy, can you blame people in obama's america not wanting to run with the bulls? >> i am just surprised the bulls want to come here what with obamacare and all. >> exactly. >> and you can only use 49 bulls in assisted of 50. >> i think there are 58 bulls. >> eight won't be eligible for health care. >> enough of this. look who is here. she is so british her blood type is marmalade. i am here #w* imogen lloyd webber. her latest book is called "the twitter diaries" and if hilarity was a soap dispenser they would pump him in the office bathroom. he is writer examine comedian jake fogelnest. bill schulz is out of town and filling in is my nude rock climbing instructor, michael moynahan. glad you combed your hair. and he is not allowed within
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50 feet of a hot air balloon. next to me, america's future foundation. that's not magestic. camille foster. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. get ready for an hour's worth of tmi. >> will he be less graby after time and rehaby? well san diego mayor bob filner has started two weeks of intensive therapy as he faces calls for his resignation amid claims of sexual harassment. and on monday, a day of the week jake, as he was entering treatment a 10th woman came forward accusing him of inappropriate conduct at a church event. can a 14-day program fix years of bad behavior? "red eye" obtained video of filner being overly affection gnat with wildlife outside the very clinic.
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>> all right. he will never learn. and meanwhile, in other lusty politician news, the woman who sexted with anthony wiener has done a porno. they posted video of sydney leathers posing nude and she revealed some private and cherished moments with wiener. >> initially anthony wiener had poked me on facebook and that's how our conversation started from therement -- started from there. i am attracted to intelligence and that's what attracted me to him the most. i was on a train from chicago which he knew. but he insisted he needed to tell me about a sex dream he had about me at that second. >> from one train to another, that's the american dream. the rest of the video is pretty graphic. we will show a clip, but a warning that sensitive viewers should move closer to the tv to see it better. roll itment
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>> wow. that is amazing. that is the love lace of the hamster family. jake i want to talk about filner first. what i find strikingly odd is he will keep his powers as mayor while he is in treatment. do you think that is empowering? >> stliewtly. absolutely. two weeks and are you no longer a creep. two weeks and you are no longer the creepiest, grossest dude in the world. if you are a man and a creep, it can be solved very, very quickly with just a couple of meetings with somebody who is also probably a creep. >> exactly. somebody who gets off on somebody who listens to creepy stories. he is 70 years old. you made it this far.
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can you change who you are at this age be it two weeks or two years? come on. >> probably not. but this 10th woman who came out is it the accusation he asked her to dinner? >> that's what it about. >> number ten? >> what is number 11? he held the door open for me. >> totally inappropriate. >> i see you defending him. >> i am not defending him one through nine. >> just ten. do you think ten is weak? basically what you are saying is to you it is a sports metaphor. they are piling it on at this point. they are looking for a book deal and that disgusts me, imogen. this treatment could face decades of inappropriate behavior. it helped you. i have no idea. >> and it will help the hamster or whatever was with us. i am really disturbed by that. we just have to talk about the
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whole wiener thing. the most odious thing in the scandal is wiener. it is not sydney it is wiener who started it. there is a san diego man who is even more odious than wiener who was doing something. maybe woman number 10, but we have one in a headlock for goodness sake. in case you missed it this guy who was having two weeks treatment is apparently supposed to be headlining an anti-rape. it is a big event. he needs to be out of society come politely. -- completely. >> if you march for women you march all over them. you can quote me, america. >> nobody quote him, america. >> don't tell america what to do. >> only bill can do that and he is not there. >> unless it is the delightful actress america ferrarar. >> no such ugly anymore because it was canceled. let's move on to the sexting
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with wiener. should we applaud her for exploiting a bad situation and making it worse? >> i don't want to applaud this ding bat for anything. i heard her on howard stern which is another incredibly dignified performance. the incredible thing about this is when it began she was referred to as a progressive activist. she was involved in politics. >> there is something wrong there. >> i would get those checked. >> i will text her. the progressive activist who was deeply 8 -- offended by how the leader was behaving. she leaked the information to a website called the dirty and has now done a porno and gave her full length interview with howard stern and the previous one was with "inside edition." i was expecting dressed up
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with serious womens issues. but i think she is an american hero. >> her parents named her after a porn star. sydney leathers is her real name. >> people play that what is your porn star? sydney leather's porn star is harriet johnson. >> who will buy this? who will buy this porno? there are people like i am really excited to see the guy who was sexting with anthony wiener. >> there was a guy? >> oh no, the girl. >> wait, that's next week. >> do you think bob filner will do something like this? >> you know who will buy it? wiener. he is probably cheap because he doesn't have any money except campaign funds. he will probably just watch it and not pay for it. and then he will pleasure himself and america, camille. >> america, ferrarara, leave her out of this. >> are you disgusted with the way success is done these
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days? >> it is disappointing. i have to be the only person in new york city right now who is pulling for anthony wiener. i think his team has to be pulled from the whole situation. >> this is an opportunity to talk about the man's resolve. his willingness to continue to do the same thing over and over again. it is a tremendous amount of resilience. >> this is high praise coming from camille foster. he made a film about people who did just that in world war ii. old men and resilience. >> and if wee elect anthony wiener for those of us who are in favor of the limited governor , if we actually do this, he won't be able to get anything else done because the
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next scandal will happen in a few weeks. >> vote for anthony wiener. >> you get somebody scandal ridden. he can't even fire his own employees because none of the employees will do anything worse than he has. >> from gropers to dopers. yankees' minor league leer fernando martinez has been suspended for 50 games for performance-enhancing drugs along with 11 other players. also a fellow named a-rod is out of the game through the end of the 2014 season. rodriguez received a lengthier suspension for violations of baseball's drug violation. by then he will be sifnlgt but it is possible his connection to bio genesis has ended his career. a-rod says he plans to appeal, but first he has to do more drugs. meanwhile, look what happened to this athlete after he stopped taking >> stay. sit. sit. stay.
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>> i don't find that funny. i find that tragic. imogn, in england croquet is the strongest sport. is doping an issue there as well? >> maybe. royal, royal, royal babies. i was a bit worried about this story. i don't understand baseball and then i thought i know who a-rod is. he cheated on his wife and prostitutes and then shacked madonna and kate hudson and cameron diaz. once a cheater, always a cheater and clearly another odiuos man. he is 38 years old and near ending his career and he earns $28 million a season. apparently he owns a used car lot in texas so he can become a used car salesman which is perfect for his cheating. >> how big a loss is random minor leaguer for the yankees and can he bounce back after this? >> we are all missing the
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point. despite the prevenlence of performance-enhancing drugs -- >> that's what p.e.d. means? >> it is a boring game. there should be more drugs in baseball and not less. >> more drugs for the players and drugs for the fans to be able to watch these games and they are board to sleep. >> you don't want to take a drug that makes the game longer. >> angel dust. throw the angel dust into baseball. pcp fixes everything. >> jake, while you are talking jesus montero, some of the players suspended. what is next for them? do they regret cheating? >> they need to suspend a player named steve. that's what i think. it is very clear. >> you know, the thing is 14 of the 18 players linked to bio genesis are from latin america. in the green room you pointed
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that out and you said si. i condemn that. i condemn that. i condemn you. i condemn your slightly aryan haircut and the way your arms are crossed. >> by the way, i know "red eye" is not a journalistic show. but i told you that off the record. the things i said about our dominican short stop wra r -- were much more offensive than that. >> i go back to my mantra, -- >> oh god. another m ha ntra. >> that's the name of my club. you can take a drug to make you better at your job and you would take. it i would take a job to be a better husband. i would take a drug to be better at anything. i don't see the problem. >> that's fine. people hold athletes up to a different standard and it is some sort of public utility and everybody who does this is
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popping aderol and all of this other stuff. i am with caw -- camille. >> if everybody in the media stopped taking aderol. >> it would be back to a daily newspaper. buzz feed lives on this. 13 things i just thought of on drugs. >> president kennedy was getting shot in his butt 4 times a day. >> what was that though? >> vitamin b. uppers, an feet manies. >> and that too. >> what ever will help the people in the newsroom to talk slower. that's all i want. take the drugs away from them. >> do we have time for this story? from guys who sweat to a gop threat. should we care what they air? the head of the republican party , yes there is one, camille, says if cnn and nbc go ahead with planned shows about hillary clinton the networks won't get to partner in any presidential primary debates. cnn is producing a documentary about clinton pre --
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premiering next year. it is a series with diane lane and as you can tell they are almost like twins. they say it is appalling that the network execs have taken it upon themselves to be hillary clinton's campaign operatives. nbc says it is completely independent and they say it is nothing to do with the mini series and there was a statement saying don't judge until you have seen the stupid thing. he responded saying the networks will treat hillary like a cat treats a bunny. what? >> prince rivas. >> prince rivas is a "star wars" character. >> jake, you and your fellow hollywood power brokers have
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been in the tank from day one. how does it feel being called out for it? >> why is there an argument about a documentary? no we can't put a hillary clinton documentary on. and how dare anyone keep diane lane from getting work. she is a fantastic actress and a treasure. i want to see her in everything. >> i loved her in "the outsiders" that's how old i am. smart move or dumb move? >> stupid. >> i agree. >> i don't know how you make a hillary movie or documentary without looking at the clinton era scandal. when her book came out all anybody wanted to know was what did she say about monica lewinski. >> imogen, doesn't it make republicans look like babies ? >> i think the republican party are using this as a scapegoat. they came out and said they wanted to reduce the number of presidential debates because their candidates kept saying stupid things. this way they can blame the liberal media and not the fact
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that they kept saying stupid things and reduce the number of debates. >> that's why the man is a prince. >> formally known as rince. moynahan, a, what is actually a scapegoat? >> it is a small animal in luxenburg where prince rivas is from. >> is there another royal baby i missed? >> we will talk about it later. >> opinion? >> ridiculous and the incredible thing of prince rivas saying secretary clinton has been in the public eye for two decades and there is no need to do a docudrama on a known individual. >> did he not walk the line? >> it is unbelievable. >> you can't write books about people that are known. >> that's nuts. everybody knew about shark nato. we have to take a break. i think monica lewinski should play by a fattened up mily
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cyrus. >> that is offensive, but totally. bill clinton played by himself. he would demand it. i want to have sex with all of the girls. it is fake sex, mr. president. i i want to have sex with awful them. that's the thing whe documentary comes out. it is clinton jokes. i am bringing sexy back. them other boys don't know how to act. something steve doosey said to me before he got off the elevator. >> test tube burgers? call me test tube burgers.
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it sticks in your face, a total waste. a new study found having facial cos met sick surgery
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doesn't make you appear more attractive. sorry, jake. they looked at before and after pictures of people who have done work before and only saw a small and insignificant increase in attractiveness. the surgery recipients only looked three years younger. i believe we have examples. here is a 73-year-old man who had work done around his mouth, i believe. and this is a 46-year-old woman who i guess wanted to look a little younger. terrible. and here is a 25-year-old woman who i think we can all agree looks pretty enticing. she wanted to look like a washing machine. imogen, you have had some work done. we have a before picture. >> great. >> it is incredible what they did to you in the "hawaii five-o" days. plastic surgery doesn't look better unless you had a disfiguring accident. >> the point is how the people
12:23 am
who have it done see themselves. 10 million people have plastic surgery in america last year. they do it because they want to make themselves feel better. it has nothing to do with what other people think of them. >> jake, i believe we have a picture of how you look before. you have the whole thing backwards. >> i am single again. i am looking to meet somebody. >> it was very humble of you to decide to go ugly. >> you are a rude man. >> we are all ugly compared to clooney. rye right? >> no. >> i just like that they did a study to determine that the cosmetic surgery doesn't work. you know what we need to spend money on and you know what we need to study? no, you don't need to study
12:24 am
it. just turn on anything with bruce jenner. put a weird owe on television. >> whatever bruce did i don't know. i can't talk about it. camille, i think we have a picture of you before surgery. amazing. i think it was a good choice. >> same smile. >> plastic surgery used to be for people who needed it like accident victims and burn victims. do you think we will go back to that or are we addicted? >> to the point that people are spending their own money on plastic surgery? >> i just don't want to see women who look like lions. the eyes that are kind of almond and the joker face. it is very strange. >> that is a travesty. that was the broadway musical
12:25 am
"cats." >> moynahan -- >> imogen smith just told me something. >> carry on. >> moynahan, i believe we have a picture of you before your surgery. you had the surgery this morning. >> i did. good god that is terrible. and it is hypnotizing. >> will this study change anything? >> you smell the same. >> it is a musk. it won't change anything. i was in the hamptons this weekend. i am very wealthy. so i was there and it was funny because there is just women. again you don't need the study. women who have these fantastic clothes and then you pan up and everything is looking great and then it is like eric stultz in "mask." it is an addiction. >> they can't see. they get body dismore physical syndrome. they can't see what they are doing. i think i have a picture of me before my surgery.
12:26 am
>> wow. >> i got it right after i retired. >> how did you get up to the hamptons? >> you are weak. i would take the helicopter. >> what you just said is not a word. >> it was a spasm. eve now and then it happens. >> the words come out and sometimes it creates a whole new language. only belgians can understand. u.s. stocks retreated from record levels on monday as investors pause to investigate the latest line of data and corporate earnings report. we are not doing that story. instead the running of bulls in america? sure, why not. call me when i get into town. i have a great new brunch spot.
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all right, is a burger drab if it is made in a lab? on monday scientists unveil the world's first test tube hamburger at a public test taste in london. they managed to make everything boring. and reaction couldn't be more reactiony. they lacked the fattiness of regular beef. if you ever had aburg neither evening land, they suck.
12:31 am
and it was tough to judge without ketchup, onions or motor oil. they say it could be an alternative to raising livestock and help feed the world. something imogen says she opposes. let's discuss. >> lightning rooooouuuunnnndd. lightning round. >> imogen, that was in eke land. in eveningnd la. the food is terrible there. can you imagine eating stem cell burgers even if it is cheaper to produce? >> peter -- peta talks about the burgers i am scared of pea -- peta. i'm sure it is a fabulous idea and sort out climate change and world hunger. the fact they are crunchy i won't say a word. they frighten me. >> don't be frightened. >> peta. >> ultimately won't this put cattle out of a job and then they will be on the streets
12:32 am
selling their big bodies for sex? cattle prostitutes, that's what this will end up in. >> i just hope the lab is secure and they have a good security system because the hamburglar is out there and he is dangerous. >> that is the silliest joke i have ever heard. the cattle learned to walk on their hind legs and wear floury dresses and just -- flowery dresses and check out this i am a cow. >> is that what prostitutes did. >> i am not a pervert. i believe the vegetarians will shift their airing plents uh -- arguments away from the genetically modified foods. >> i am not afraid of the vegetarians. i would never eat this. but i think it is sergai who
12:33 am
is a maryland alum. he is using his own money. he did something really, really cool. >> that's what rich people should do. they should sponsor people like me. >> money gnaw han, it could taste exactly the same, but there is no joy to eat something that has not been on all four's. you have to know that it was once alive and walking around. that brings joy to the -- it gives you a sense of value when you know it was mooing. >> that is an amazing point. you are right. they added like beat coloring and they have to make it look like a burger. it is when you go into like all of the hippie stores and they have vegan and stuff. you can look at this in the vegan hippie store in your neighborhood. they had veegan ribs. that's a facsimile of a
12:34 am
vegan's ribs. >> i eat meat. just not enough of it. you are the tiniest man i have ever seen. >> but have i a big heart. >> he has an enlarged heart and he will be dead. i can't believe you like that. >> we are raising money for him down at the fire house. >> and then spending it on coke. >> they are going on tour to trample and bore. it was held every july in spain and they are taking them on an eight-state swing. they note the participants will accept the risk that you might get trampled and rammed or tossed in the air by a bull. sounds like a date with bob beckel. mike, it is about time.
12:35 am
aren't we ready for this, the running of the bulls ? >> is america ready for the running of the bulls in virginia? there is a certain romance, a hemming way-like romance and this is like in some little town of virginia. we are ready for this. nobody watches it. it is a high light real. it is the same reason you watch car racing and skiing. america is ready to see more stupid people who have signed waivers get gored by bulls. >> i agree. only 50 people have died since 1910. that's not enough. >> why do americans want to do the particularly nuty european thing. i thought americans were smarter than that. maybe americans are a bit scared of traveling abroad and they have a history of bringing foreign stuff here they brought the arizona bridge to arizona and they brought the venetian to las vegas.
12:36 am
maybe they just want -- i don't know. it is something about not wanting to go abroad. >> we are the melting pot. jake, will america take to this like they did with other extreme sports like skateboard swimming? >> it depends on how well it is promoted and it is in the hands of the clearly sleeziest person in the world. i made a fortune in child beauty pageants. and now it is time for the running of the bulls to come to america. that guy will promote it well. so yes. who is the guy who did -- the girls that used to flash -- >> joe francis. >> he should combine that -- the running of the bulls should be topless women -- no, tell me to shut up. here is my theory. this will not go over well in america. america dilutes everything so no one will die or get injured. this is my point is this could only happen in a diminished
12:37 am
america. why don't we step our game up. >> give the bulls pcp. it is the bulls and the bears and it could be a very good idea. >> by the way, i always had the idea that the zoos should not have cages. >> you always had that? >> it is coursing through the cortex. >> never had the grots to bring it up. >> i wanted a gate less zoo. they should have the running of the bills. at the end they just kill him. >> do i get paid if i come back? >> we don't pay bill. >> you don't? >> no, i don't.
12:38 am
>> where does he get all of the money for drugs? >> i don't know. possibly because he sells them. >> we have to take a break. when we come back, we will talk about something that's for sure. joy of hate,, autographed copy g it is a great book, trust me. thanks.
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last story a judge has ruled against a men's rights activist who sued after a new york city club made him buy a $350 bottle of vodka to get in while letting a young woman enter for free. imagine that. this guy is a winner. he claimed he was the victim of age and gender discrimination. said the 66-year-old lawyer -- what are you doing in a bar? these guys have gray hair. let's charge them some money. he added there is no justice for guys in this day and age. amen, old, cranky guy.
12:42 am
he is way too old. who cares? jake, did this guy have a leg to stand on? >> no. in fact, all of these men's rights guys, i encourage them to reach out to me personally on twitter. i will write them the same message. you are dumb and sad and i don't leak you. >> i get it. we dealt with feminism for awhile. but the response can't be the mirror. you don't want to be as miserable as they are. >> that's nonsense. men are awful and gross and the worst, period. >> did you not see the a block, the lede? >> literally. >> i object to all of this. >> i am not brave. >> there is obviously this tinge of the up surd to the
12:43 am
story. there are all sorts of injustices that happened to minorities and the women in the country. you can't retro activate them. we want equality under the law and not the special classification of people in special protections. >> you made james look like a more ron. >> should we deal with the minorities and the people and the women before we deal with straight white dudes? unbelievable. >> straight white dude rtz worst. >> he is sitting next to a skinny george wallace. i don't mean the black comedian who is very funny. >> being forced to buy a bottle of vodka is not a human rights violation. it really is not. >> michael -- jake, wrongly avoids the great work all older white men have done if you over look all of the bad stuff.
12:44 am
they do a lot of great things. every remedy, every shot has been invented and every drug invented by a very fat, white man. >> i just want diane lane to be working. >> i have no facts to back that up, but this is "red eye." >> can i interrupt this conclave? this awesome thing. >> conclavan is -- >> at some point you have to walk off. >> this is the first kind of conservative piecing. it is like the prince ribas before. they are being mean to us on tv like the public utilities. this is the same thing. flipping it around and saying -- by the way. he said they are doing the same thing they did in the deep south back in 1950. >> this is an old loser who couldn't get into a bar in the meat packing.
12:45 am
i can't get into a bar and i am amazing. he thinks this is like the schoolhouse. he should be arrested and put in prison in a different country. >> well put. now we have to take a break. do you have a comment? e-mail us. have a video of your animal doing something interesting? go to fox eye. >> that would be fun. >> submit a video and we might use it. coming up, the post game report from andy levy. he is the white man i hate.
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time to go back to andy levy for the post game report. hi, andy. >> hi, greg. >> how is the show going? >> pretty good i thought. jay jake hasn't -- >> jake hasn't ruined it? >> he tried his best. i think the headline for the show will be despite jake. >> we are not on twitter right now. i am a human being. >> that should be -- first of all. look in the right camera. look at me when i am talking to you, jake. jake, you said filner was a
12:50 am
man and a creep and it can be solved in two weeks by talking to somebody who is also a creep. >> like you. >> i think you owe rehappen counselors an apology there, don't you? >> there are a lot of people who love you like crazy. we will see some things and they will say some things and then we are done. you don't watch intervention, andy? >> i want to read a letter there are things you have been doing that have brought me great sorrow. >> how is this helping us find kony. >> that's a good point. >> you said you don't want to applaud sydney leathers for anything. i agree, but i can't believe she is doing porn. i expected more. >> me too. the 15 minutes of fame has gone down the hill. >> and he has been -- modeling leather outfits. >> that is actually just different. >> amy fisher, i have to give
12:51 am
her credit. she did a porn movie two years ago and then she shot that lady like a decade ago. >> it has been awhile. >> i think mary joe is dead. >> no. >> you shouldn't feel bad that ted kennedy killed her. >> i said the name of the dead woman. >> the woman shot by amy fisher i'm pretty certain has passed away. my producer can google that. >> i am told she is alive. >> i am glad she is alive, but i'm sorry i am wrong. >> jake, you asked who will buy porn because the girl who is sexting with wiener is in it. this is not even porn. this is her talking. my understanding is that is the opposite of porn.
12:52 am
>> i think she is the bear. >> mlb suspensions, you said a-rod is out through 2014 >> he is good looking. >> just because he is appealing it is okay he took drugs? i don't get that. >> you didn't even laugh at my jokes. >> i was too busy making my own sad jokes. >> i didn't even hear your joke. >> they were equally bad. >> a-rod said the last seven months was a nightmare and the worst time of his life. getting caught sucks bro. and there are pills he can take. >> do you know they own a used car dealership in texas? it is perfect since he is a cheater. i believe you owe them an uh apology. >> i'm sorry. i deeply apologized.
12:53 am
i okra meal an apology. >> you know what is funny? why did the used car dealers get the reputation? that is cliche from when i was born. >> they are trying to make a dollar and live the american dream. >> i was trying to make a bad joke that fell flat. >> that's later. you know, moynahan, that it is not a real show. >> just to prove your point, you know on tv you can't say go [bleep]. >> that's two now. >> great. somebody is staying late now. >> you said you want the characters in the newsroom to stop taking the drug that makes them talk so fast. are they not the fastest talking stoner you ever met? >> i never met somebody who listened to that much van morrison. >> why do you watch that show? >> i love television. i love it.
12:54 am
>> threatening cnn and nbc, i agree this is a bad idea. it was the best comment and she tweeted friday night drinking and should nef turn into real letters to network executives. i think that is a valid right. >> that's the whole genesis of my career. >> that's usually why you have to leave places though. >> jake, you said why is there always an argument about a hillary clinton documentary? has this been going on for years? that whole thing started because of the hillary the movie. >> studies show facial cosmetic surgery is fairly worthless. >> it is about how they feel about themselves.
12:55 am
maybe this is a wake up you will cay. >> 10 million people so sorry. >> nobody except imogen caught your starlight express reference. it was like a phantom joke. >> ♪ my mind is clearer now >> lab grown beef taste test. you said americans can look for local vegans in the hippie store. you know real americans don't live in brooklyn, right? >> what? i don't live in brooklyn. i live on staten island. i am a volunteer in the fire department. i'm sorry. i have been trying to come to terms with this for awhile. >> you live in brooklyn. >> you said one volunteer noted that it was tough to judge the lab grown beef. >> yes. >> you said bacon and not motor oil. >> honest mistake. >> running of the bulls may come to america.
12:56 am
mike, hemming way aside there is no romance of the running of the bulls and the auto racing fans don't watch to see people die you ?ooty hipster elitists. >> i can see a theme developing here. i won't say it is wrong. we have had this out before. you actually are a big racing fan. i don't know that because i don't watch the show and we are not really good friends. when i went outside he told me that i couldn't believe andy levy. >> it was a big racist fan. he loves being racist. >> that's what i thought too. >> bottle service and you said there is a tinge of the absurd to this story. >> i don't think the guy is serious. >> there is nothing more pathetic. grow a pair and shut up. >> me? >> not you.
12:57 am
>> all right. how much time do i have? >> thanks, andy. imogen lloyd webber, michael moynahan, and camille foster. that does it for me. i'm greg gutfeld. see you tomorrow. mmmhmmm...everybody knows that. well, did you know that old macdonald was a really bad speller? your word is...cow. cow. cow. c...o...w... ...e...i...e...i...o. [buzzer] dangnabbit. geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know.
12:58 am
12:59 am
1:00 am
>> laura: the o'reilly factor is on tonight. >> al qaeda is on the run and bin laden is dead. >> laura: just months after president declird al qaeda's demise now has america on the defense. how serious is the latest threat? we'll have the inside story. >> we're not broke. there is plenty of money. it's just the government doesn't have it. >> far left congressman keith ellison wants the rich to fork over their wealth whether they want to or not. we have a debate there is a rising libertarian stream that chris christie thinks that is a dangerous thought. a number of

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